Question: What is the philosophy of the Service?

Question: Is there a waiting list? And can I get a form?

Yes, there is a waiting list for some rooms, please go to the "Downloads" tab on the webpage and save it from there. This can then be sent to the centre via email: bumperbears@gmail.com or post it to the cnetre at 401 Elizabeth Ave, Kippa-Ring, QLD 4021

Question: What if my child has an allergy?

At Bumper Bears, we place a high level of importance on children's health and safety. In saying that, we are a NUT-FREE centre, to reduce the risk of Anaphylaxis occuring while at the centre. We ask that families DO NOT bring in any birthday cakes, or other treats to the centre, to limit the chance of an anaphylactic reation occuring. We provide all food for children while at the service, and this enables us to have more control over the environment for children and educators with these life-threatening allergies.

Question: What do I do if I am not happy with something at the centre?

Question: Is the Centre rated under the National Quality Standards?

We were awarded a level of EXCEEDING in the National Quality Standards

Question: How can I pay my fees?

EZIDEBIT or Centrepay is the only way that we accept fees. You can nominate a bank account or a credit card, and the day of the week it comes out of your account. It is stress free and easy.


Question: What about Illness?

The centre has a comprehensive Illness policy. Children who are not well are not accepted into care to protect the health of other children, families and the teaching team.  At times, a medical clearance will be requested before a child will be accepted back into care after a period of illness. For full information, please read the parent handbook.