Learning through play

Learning through play

At Bumper Bears, we believe that children learn best by learning through play. Children grow and develop at different rates, they have different interests and different skills. While they are playing, they are developing and perfecting these skills. Children are learning to negotiate with friends, make plans, use their imagination, problem solve, develop fine and gross motor skills and above all, have fun!

Our role, as Educators, is to scaffold their learning and support their ideas and interests. We are there to give ideas, extend their own ideas and become part of that play and have two-way interactions to help maintain their interest in an activity.

Part of our role is to set up safe, secure learning environments where children can take risks, and try out their ideas so they can learn new ways of doing things, they can find out what works and what doesn't, and they can build their confidence while they are learning. When we set up these environments, it allows children to develop a sense of agency and competency. When we supply resources in areas of the room that children can reach, it gives them more control over their play and it gives them the chance to make choices for themselves.

As children watch each other being competent, they learn from each other, they see that it is ok to try new things and they give it a go themselves.

Sit and watch children play, you will be surprised at what learning is happening there.......